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Anominy Questionable Movies

a·no·mi·ny  /əˈnäməniˈ/  noun: a concept not represented by a word

In which your favorite podhosts, Dan and Ron, try to watch all the movies so that you don't have to.

Plus interviews, television, music, comics, video games, and one Citizen Kane spoiler, but they mostly watch movies.

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Sep 21, 2020

[Click here for the YouTube video version]

In which we discover how Dan can claim to have watched Robert Ashley’s groundbreaking television opera PERFECT LIVES from beginning to end more than 30 times but also claim that he has never seen it all. Join us and much of the original cast and crew as they reunite and reminisce about the production, its legacy and the man they knew as Bob. Featuring Peter Gordon, Mimi Johnson, Barbara Mayfield, John Sanborn, Carlotta Schoolman, Paul Shorr, David Van Thieghem, and Dean Winkler.